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Dear reader, here at Oriental Uk Dating we offer a very unique matchmaking introduction service. please take some time to read and absorb the unique service we can offer to you.

Imagine a dating website that said “We can offer you beautiful ladies who will take pride in staying slim, have been raised to traditional values where the man is to be looked after, cooked for, and the house kept clean. What if it also said our ladies traditional values also mean that they won’t look to have affairs, and will worship her husband.

Does this sound to good to be true? well perhaps in the West yes this would be unbelievable, but in the far east these are the traditional values held there. Also there is no stigma to a big gap in ages, it is usual for men there to date ladies who are up to 20 years younger.

This is what we can offer you, a different option for a partner. All of our ladies are vetted, and are serious about meeting a nice English Gentleman. We are experts in the cultures of the far east, and the different nuances of each country. Our aim is to guide you through the process of selecting, chatting, getting to know and meeting one of our hand picked ladies to realise the relationship you have always wished for.

Join the growing number of British men who have found an intelligent and attentive partner from Far East Asia

Find love and romance with a lady from the Far East

There can be a lot of advantages to developing a relationship with a lady from the far east, but inevitably there are also scammers out there. We are aware of this, and by letting us guide you through the process with our expert local knowledge we can help you avoid these scammers or any big future mistakes which will save you a lot of time, and especially money and future heartache.

Our usual process is once you have had a good look through our website we ask you make contact directly with us either through email or over the phone. We are a people business, not remote through “live chat” so we would then have a phone chat with you covering a bit more detail of the service.

After the initial phone chat we really do like to have an in-depth face to face chat so we can really understand your wants and needs, if you aren’t able to meet face to face then a Skype face to face chat is the next best thing. We also go into a lot more detail on the services we offer.

Hopefully we then might be able to offer your package to suit your unique needs. At this stage if you wished to take up a membership we will offer a small discount.

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