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Ross is Our Company Founder

He has a wealth of knowledge with the Far East and the local cultures/customs of that region of the world. Ross spent 13 years living in Perth, Australia and during this time he travelled dozens of times to China, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Brunei and the Philippines, this was often with work and he usually spent at least two months of every year in this part of the world.

It was during these extensive travels that Ross became aware of the traditional values that the women of this region have and are taught by their parents to embrace. In these countries family, love and a wife’s steadfast commitment to her husband are deeply ingrained in the culture. Ross also noticed that divorce rates are a lot lower in East Asia compared to the West.

Over time Ross began to appreciate this way of life more and more and would discuss with his contacts in these countries if local women would like western men as partners. The answer was an overwhelming yes, Western men are considered to be more manly because their physical size is usually bigger than that of oriental men. So for ladies from this part of the world, a Western man plus living in a Western country is a extremely desirable mix.

Mixed race marriages of this type are common in Australia and are now becoming popular here in the UK

Because of its close proximity to these countries is it becoming very common for Australian gentleman of all ages to have relationships with ladies from the far east. These gentlemen are usually also seeking a more traditional relationship than that of a modern day Western relationship.

Whilst Ross was living in Australia he helped many Australian men of all ages achieve this with great success.

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Its a very good arrangement for everyone as the men get everything they have ever wanted in a partner and the ladies get that desirable Western man and also get to live in a Western country. So this then leads to the ladies being extremely loyal to the man that helped them do this.

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Ross’ partner Liana is from China.

Uk men dating asian women

Liana is also involved with the business. She uses her contacts in China to find the right calibre of lady for our British men and she also spends a lot of time thoroughly vetting all of the other oriental ladies who wish to join to ensure they are serious about wanting a good British man.

International match-making agency

Oriental Uk Dating has a good reputation with its contacts in the far east, and this is why many far eastern ladies contact us direct with a wish to be matched by Oriental UK Dating as they know our UK gentleman are also serious in their intentions, we only accept those that we feel will be worthy of our English gentlemen.

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It is this extensive knowledge of the far east, and the network of contacts that Oriental UK Dating have which can help find you a wonderful partner that suits your wishes.

Once you have your match we will then hold your hand throughout to help you develop your relationship and guide you through the process.

You too can discover the fulfillment of love with an oriental women from Far East Asia

They say

After a few weeks I found I had a lots in common with Susu.


I met with Ross and he recommended a few ladies for me to start chatting to. After a few weeks I found I had a lots in common with Susu. Susu is from Singapore and quickly adapted to the UK lifestyle. After many years of struggling to find a partner in the UK I can honestly say this has worked really well for me, Cheers Ross.

I thought Kuhn would be too pretty for me, but I started chatting to her and over time our love grew


I spent some time with Ross and he carefully made a note of what I was looking for he then suggested a match with Kuhn from Thailand. I thought Kuhn would be too pretty for me, but I started chatting to her and over time our love grew. We are now both living together in England and I am very happy to recommend Ross’ services.

It was Ross' advice that ensured I had the correct visas


Many thanks to Ross for helping me to find my partner Vivian who is from China. It was his advice that insured I had the correct visas in place to be able to visit her and some top tips on the local knowledge and culture which was really helpful. We’ve made a great life together and I’m eternally grateful.

"We're now married and have two children"


Ross helped me find my wife Maxine who is from Malaysia. I met Maxine in Kuala Lumpur, and I was very grateful to Ross for all of his tips and advice which helped us build a long loving relationship. We are now married and have two children, meeting Maxine was the best thing I have ever done. Thanks Ross, you’re a true mate.

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meet asian women

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